How to Remove Small Surface Rust Spots & Major Rust Holes from Car in Coppell, TX; Repair or Panel Replacement

If you drive an older car that you have had for several years and aren’t planning on getting rid of any time soon, you may notice that over time, there has been some rust that has developed on certain areas of the vehicle. These spots are not only unsightly, but they can get larger if they are left unattended. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic is here to talk about rust on your car and why you might want to get it removed.

What Causes a Vehicle to Rust

There are several things that can cause your cars to rust. Even if you don’t live in a cold climate that has road salt on the road in the winter months, there are other reasons that your older cars start to have spots that rust. For instance, if you have been in a minor car accident and decided not to have those dings repaired, you may notice that they start to rust due to lack of protection and exposure to moisture. Anytime your vehicle is exposed to moisture and doesn’t have anything to protect it, it can turn to rust. This can happen even in newer cars, but if you are driving an older vehicle, there is a good chance there is somewhere on your vehicle that has rust. If you purchased your vehicle used, there is a chance that it came from an area that experiences cold weather and has the beginnings of rust on the undercarriage.

How to Fix Small Rust Spots on Car

If the rust is simply on the surface and hasn’t penetrated the metal yet, it is much easier to repair it. The rusted spot can simply be sanded down and then primed and painted to leave a surface that looks as if there was never any rust there in the first place. Once the painting is done, the car will be coated in a high quality wax to polish it off.

How to Fix Major Rust Holes in Car

Once the rust has penetrated the metal and is found on a larger area, the repair becomes more complicated. Sometimes rust will completely corrode the metal all the way through until there is a hole. If the damage is too extensive, it may require the entire panel of your vehicle to be replaced in order to fix it. If it can be repaired without replacing a panel, a bonding material is used to fill in around any repaired area. Then the spot is painted and waxed to polish it off.

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If you have a vehicle that has rust on it that you would like to remove before it causes extensive damage to other areas of the car, you can count on the mechanics at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic to remove it and leave your vehicle looking like new again. There is no amount of body work that is too difficult or even too small for our team to tackle. Call us today!

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