Types of Dents on Cars in DeSoto, TX & How to Repair; Door Ding, Deep Crease Dent, Round Dents & More

The car or truck you are driving is something that most people take pride in. They want their vehicle to look good and to not have any issues. One is that you want to have a car that runs good and the engine and mechanics work well so that you can get where you need to go. The other aspect is that you want the car to look good as well. That means when your car ends up with a dent you want to make sure that you have it repaired by a body shop. There are lots of ways that a dent can end up on your car whether it is on the bumper or the body of the car. You might be in a fender bender. You could have hit an item on the side of the road, or a kid could hit the car with a ball. There are lots of opportunities that your car could be damaged when you are out and about. That is why there are several types of dents that might need to be repaired. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic outline some common types of car dents.

Round Car Dents

One of the types of dents that seem to be common when a customer looks for dent repair is called a round dent. The round dent is often a dent that occurs when a ball hits the car when the kids are playing outside. It also can come when you have a car or truck that is parked outside and there is a hail storm. The balls of ice can start to drop out of the sky and cause damage to what they hit. If your car is in the path they can cause damage in the form of round dents. The great thing is that these are dents that are often easy to take care of and can sometimes be done without needing to paint. There are techniques that can be used to pull the dent back out and leave the area looking like new. If the round dent is sever or of the paint has shipped it may need to be repaired with a different technique and that could lead to paint as well.

Door Ding

We have all been walking out of the grocery store only to see that a rogue shopping cart has let loose from the corral and ran right into our car. This is not what you want to see and as you drag the cart away it can have left what is referred to as a ding. The ding often comes from a cart or another car door and more. The dent shows a valley in the dent and can require more work to repair if the paint has been damaged. There are also times that the dent can be pulled out and repaired without paint if it is not severe.

Deep Crease Dent

The last type of dent that you might end up having to deal with is called a creased dent. The crease comes when something a bit larger or heavier usually hits the car. This can be something falling on the car such as debris or it can come from a car accident as well. The crease is a dent that will require more depth to make the repair. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you have it repaired by a professional body shop.

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