What are the Signs Your Car Need a Tune Up in Duncanville, TX; Check Engine Light, 50K Mile Service & More

When you hear tune-up it can mean a number of different things, especially for automobile owners. When a vehicle needs a tune up, it is not a full breakdown of a vehicle like an HVAC system. When a vehicle needs a tune-up it often involves a thorough inspection, flushing of old fluids, and filters changes. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will share signs that your vehicle needs a tune-up and what to expect from an auto tune-up.

What is a Car Tune-Up?

An automobile tune-up consists of two major services. The first part is an inspection. The engine of the vehicle is inspected for compromised components, leaks and the condition of the battery. The air filter is checked and in most cases changed out to prevent clogs. After the inspection, some basic services are performed. During a tune-up the fuel pump, spark plugs and fuel injector are cleaned if needed. Also during the inspection process the startup systems are inspected and if dirty they will be serviced. After the components have been cleaned the next step during a tune-up is the flushing of the fluids. There are many different types of fluids used in a vehicle. As many people well know when it comes to oil changes, every 3000 miles old fluid should be removed and replaced. Fluid such as transmission fluid, power steering, and brake fluid should be checked and some of them might need to be flushed out and replaced. These other fluids should be checked and flushed about every 50,000 miles. When a vehicle begins to need a tune-up it will give certain signs. When your vehicle begins to show signs that it needs a tune-up, it is important to schedule your tune-up right away to ensure your vehicle runs smoother so you can avoid certain problems.

Warning Signs of a Car Tune Up?

When a vehicle runs for an extended period of time the fluids and other components begin to break down. To prevent major damages and to extend the life of the vehicle, it is important to know what to watch for. One of the most obvious signs is the miles. When the vehicle reaches 50,000 miles it is time to flush out your fluid and tune-up your vehicle. Another rather obvious issue is that the check engine light will come on. Modern vehicles will also provide more detailed icons to help point you to the vehicle’s needs. Another problem to watch for is when the vehicle stalls. Stalling is a common warning sign that there is a bigger problem developing. Often by cleaning the starting system it will prevent future stalling and other major problems. When the brakes feel like they take longer and longer to stop the vehicle, there may be a leak in the braking fluid line or another problem. A tune-up can help reveal the problem. In many cases the braking fluid needs to be refilled. Along with bad brakes, pay attention to your fuel economy. If you seem to be filling up more than normal then your vehicle needs a tune-up. A tune-up will ensure top performance and better fuel economy.

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