Leading Causes of Traffic Collisions in Wylie, TX; Driving Distractions, Speeding, Fatigued Behind Wheel & More

Collisions commonly occur no matter where you live. They can happen from the simplest of mistakes to a complex series of events. There can be a number of factors responsible for those mishaps. An auto accident can be extremely upsetting and scary, regardless of how minor it is. Collisions are more frequent than we would like them to be, unfortunately. It can also cause a dent in your wallet because of all the repairs you would have to oversee to get your car back to working condition and be traumatic for you to an extent. Today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics would like to list out the major culprits behind collisions so that you can mindfully avoid making these mistakes while on the road.

Distractions While Driving

Many habits can make it difficult for you to keep your eyes on the road that can include chatting or texting on the phoner, changing the dial on the radio, or eating while driving to name a few. If you are not careful, one of the most common causes of auto collisions, and the other major one is not wearing a seatbelt, distractions can lead to really nasty car crashes. Your safety should always be a priority. When you are driving, everything else can wait.


Running late for work, an appointment, even when you run late for a show that you have been wanting to catch for the longest time, and other important events often speed. Any of these are not an excuse to push you to go beyond the speed limit. It is important to caution oneself as this increases the risk of collisions. It takes longer for you to slow down the vehicle when you drive at high speeds, naturally. Speeding may result in you rear-ending the car in front and no want it.

Fatigued Behind the Wheel

Fatigue is something most of us are guilty of more times than we would like to admit. It can be difficult to get your daily dose of 8 hours sleep with busy schedules. When you are doing something that requires a lot of focus, lack of sleep messes with your ability to concentrate and also forces your guard down. When you are driving, a slow reaction time can be dangerous. If you are too tired for the drive, call a cab, take a bus, or other driving service.

Poor Weather Conditions

Mainly because of poor visibility and abysmal weather conditions, more than 1,200,000 car accidents take place in the U.S. alone every year. If in the event the weather takes a bad turn suddenly, a wise approach would be to slow down or stop your car at the side of the road with the blinkers switched on.

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