How Do You Control a Swerving Car to Prevent a Spin Out Collision & Auto Body Damage in Sunnyvale, TX?

Making it a risk for you and everyone in vicinity, especially since they occur without the notice, it is very dangerous to experience a spin out in your vehicle. The most important thing to do is remain calm and try to regain control should experience a spin out. Preventing spin outs is something we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to do today.

Spin Out Causes

Your front tires will lock up if you are driving on a slippery road and slam on the brakes and turn at the same time. Until it reaches a point in which the tires can once again grip the road your car will spin out of control when this happens. The risk of a collision is highly likely when your vehicle spins out of control. However, if you know how to regain control, the better you can reduce the risk of an accident.

How Do You Control a Swerving Car

To help you regain control, below are the steps.
1) Sudden Stops and Speed Increases Needs to be Avoided. Do not slam on the brakes or the accelerator when your car starts to spin out. It is harder for the tires to re-grip the surface, the brakes can lock up when you slam on them and should you accelerate quickly.
2) Slow Your Speed. Though a spin-out can cause your car to spin in any direction, you need to give your vehicle’s tires time to re-grip the road. Take your foot off the accelerator gradually. You are better able to slow down your vehicle to help regain your tire’s grip on the road quicker.
3) Keep a Straight Steering Wheel. In order to avoid an intersection or curving road, simultaneously turn the wheel and decelerate slowly should you need to steer the wheel.
4) Maintain Firm Pressure on the Brake. In the event your vehicle has anti-lock brakes, pump the brake pedal. Consistent, firm pressure to the brake pedal to help reduce the risk that your brakes will lock.
5) Get to the Roadside of Road. Since a spin-out can be stressful, you may want to pull off to the side of the road to take a deep breath and regain composure.

Following a Spin-Out You Experience Vehicle Damage

If your vehicle spun out and damage has occurred, pull off the road and evaluate your vehicle. In the event minor damage was sustained, you may be able to continue to drive your vehicle. You will need a tow to your preferred auto body and mechanic shop your car is making unusual noises, fluids are leaking, or you feel unsafe driving your vehicle significant exterior damage has occurred. Following a spin-out, an auto body repair shop can correct any dings, dents, and scratches or substantial damage to your car.

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Make certain to brake properly and avoid driving too close to the vehicles ahead of you, be sure to adjust speed according to poor weather or road conditions to avoid spin outs. Call Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic and let our certified experts assist you should you find you need auto body repair services in Greater Dallas, Texas!

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