Can a Car Be Painted in One Day in Seagoville, TX? Size of Vehicle, Auto Body Work & Prep Needed & More

One of the most common question the personnel of an auto body shop is asked when performing a paint job is “how long will painting my car take”? On average most vehicles can be painted in 48 hours. However, that isn’t a perfect time estimate. There is a lot to consider when determining how long a vehicle takes to paint. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will share the different factors that will determine how long a vehicle takes to paint.

Size of Car, SUV, Van or Truck to Be Painted

One of the first considerations is the vehicle’s model. A mini cooper can be painted much faster than a Ford F150. To properly calculate how long a vehicle will take to paint will be determined by your vehicle model or size. If you have a smaller vehicle, you are in luck. Your vehicle will be painted fairly quickly. However, if you drive a van or truck be patient as your vehicle will require more time to paint.

Is there Auto Body Work Needed?

Another factor that will need to be determined is if there is whether any body work is involved. Often when painting a vehicle, it is not just to give a vehicle a new coat of paint but also to repair minor or major dents. At times the dents need to be repaired or new body parts need to be replaced. If body work is needed, additional time will be required to repair the body and then paint the vehicle. If body work is needed, often it can take a week to repair and paint a vehicle.

Painting Prep Phase

If body work is needed, that will be the first step taken in repairing and painting a vehicle. The next step is the prep phase for painting the vehicle. The first step in prepping the vehicle for paint is making sure the right type and color of paint is available and ready to be used. Next, the vehicle is sanded down and the glass and other surfaces that should not be painted is covered and taped. It may seem simple but the prep phase can take a day or two to properly complete.

Painting a Vehicle

The final step after the body work has been repaired and the prep work is finished is that the vehicle is now ready to be painted. When painting a vehicle the first coat that is applied to the vehicle is the primer. The primer takes a few hours to apply and to dry. Once the primer is dry the paint is then applied. Depending on the type of paint used each will take a certain amount of time to dry and cure. A coat of paint can take anywhere from 90 minutes to overnight to dry. However, it can take a few days to finish curing. Nevertheless, most vehicles can be picked up before the vehicle finishes curing. It is best to keep the vehicle out of the sun and clean while it cures, so do not wash the vehicle until the paint is finished curing.

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Painting a vehicle requires time to ensure a vehicle is painted properly. If you need your vehicle repaired and repainted, contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic today.

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