Regular Conventional Oil VS Synthetic Oil in Lewisville, TX; Change Interval, Performance, Cost & More

When you get your oil changed you are often asked if you want regular (or conventional) oil or synthetic oil. Many people often ask what the difference it, but usually get the short answer. Essentially, synthetic oil lasts longer than regular oil but both are somewhat equal in performance. Today, Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to go deeper into the matter and share the difference and benefits of both conventional motor oil and synthetic motor oil.

Synthetic Oil Lasts Longer But Costs More

When you are comparing conventional motor oil to synthetic motor oil, the synthetic has a few more benefits. Synthetic oils last longer going almost double between oil changes and can handle high temperatures better. Conventional oil breaks down under constant heat, especially during our Texas summers. However, where synthetic oil is superior, it is also more expensive. Conventional oil must be changed out every three hundred thousand miles and will break down faster under heat. This makes conventional oil less appealing. However, more people will use conventional oil since it is cheaper than synthetic oil. Keep in mind that if you can go double and in some cases longer between oil changes, synthetic oil prices may not seem so bad. Additionally, for those who find it hard to get time to change their vehicles oil, it is more appealing to go longer between oil changes.

Is Synthetic Oil More Eco Friendly?

One question that is frequently asked is if one is more environmentally friendlier than the other. There is a misconception that synthetic oils are more environmentally friendly. However, the truth is they are the same. Synthetic oils are chemical compounds that do burn and are released. But, because synthetic oils last longer than conventional oil, this mean less oil is being used which does help the environment to a point. By recycling conventional oil, it can help even out the score since much of recycled oil can be reused. If you are worried about the impact to the environment, recycling conventional oils or using synthetic oil will be the way to go. If you don’t intend to recycle then it is easier to say synthetic oil will be more friendly to the environment.

Oil Performance Comparison

When measuring the performance between the two types of oil, again synthetic oil is better. Synthetic oil produces less resistance in the engine which results in slightly better performance. To explain what performance means, since there is less resistance this provides more horsepower and therefore, uses less gas. Although the differences are slight, they can help over time. Additionally, the benefits you get from synthetic oil will vary on brand and quality. While lower end synthetic oils can go around 10,000 miles between oil changes other higher quality brands can last up to 20,000 miles.

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When comparing conventional oil to synthetic oil you will see synthetic oil is superior but does cost more. However, there are studies and research that hopes to promote PPO (Pure plant oil) which is a vegetable oil. This will burn cleaner and may even become more economic. The type of oil you choose is up to you. Today Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic provides many services including basic maintenance and oil change. We provide both conventional and synthetic oils. If you have body damage or require basic maintenance, come down to Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic today.

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