What are Possible Causes of a Shaking Vehicle in Sachse, TX? Axle Misalignment & More

When you are driving down the road and you suddenly feel your car beginning to vibrate you may wonder “what is going on?” If you are concerned and want to know what can cause your car to vibrate, there could be a few different reasons. Vibrations may be caused because of a simple problem that can be corrected easily. Other times you might have a more immediate problem. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics will share what can cause a car to vibrate and when to seek mechanical help.

Tire Problems

One of the most common reasons why a vehicle will vibrate is due to bad tires. Tires that develop irregular wear patterns or when tires are not balanced, they will cause the car to vibrate. When the tire is the culprit for the vibration, the vibration will occur at higher speeds. Vibrations can be an early warning sign that you need your tires checked. If the tires have irregular bald patterns, it is time to have the tires replaced. In other situations you may simply need to have the tires balanced and rotated. If you notice your vehicle vibrating while driving fast, you will want to have your tires checked.

Axle Misalignment

A vehicle’s axle is responsible for transmitting power to the wheels and to keep the vehicle level on the ground. Over time as you drive over bumps, potholes and rough roads, it can cause the axle to become misaligned. When the axle is misaligned, so are the wheels. This will cause the vehicle to vibrate and shake. When your vehicle vibrates and shakes regardless as to your speed you most likely have a problem with the axle. You will need to have the axle checked and tested. If the axle is out of alignment, an auto shop should be able to repair the axle and realign it. They can also ensure the wheels are in proper alignment. Do not ignore shaking or vibrating as a misaligned axle can lead to much bigger and more expensive problems, even a total axle replacement.

Engine Wear & Tear

If a vehicle begins to vibrate as soon as you start your engine, it is the engine that is causing the vibrations. Tire and axle problems cause vibration while the vehicle is moving. Engine problems will always cause vibration and will worsen as you continue to drive. Vibrations are most often due to wear and tear or poor maintenance. Your engine may be low on transmission oil which can cause the engine to stick and vibrate or the moving components are becoming warped or degraded. If the engine is causing the vibration, you should have the vehicle checked by a licensed mechanic. They can inspect your engine and see what is wearing down and what can be done to restore your engine.

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When a car begins to vibrate it is never a good thing. Vibrations is a clear sign your vehicle is due for some maintenance. For basic mechanical services and maintenance, come on down to Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics today.

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