How to Prepare My Car for a Road Trip in Seagoville, TX; Vehicle Inspection, Repairs & More

Because it is cold, many drivers often put off their vehicle’s maintenance during the winter and even the spring months. By the summertime, the dust builds up in various areas and other maintenance neglect leads to wear and tear acceleration. As a result, the vehicle is not road trip ready when you want to stretch your legs for a summer road trip. We at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic want to assist you in ensuring your vehicle is ready for your summer vacation.

Is Your Car Engine Ready for a Long Trip?

The summer’s hot, dry, weather and congested road conditions can make an impact on the vehicle’s mechanical components including the following:
– The cooling system is strained
– The engine, brakes, and transmission take a toll with the stop-and-go
– The engine’s filters are clogged with dust and dirt that reduces performance
– Tires, hoses and drive belt aging is accelerated
Before your trip be sure to take some preventative measure to help make your experience be more memorable with the following suggestions listed below.

Pre Trip Car Inspection & Maintenance Check

Tires: If you replaced your tires with winter tires, be sure they are replaced with all-season tires; tires that can be effective on the summer rainstorm-roads. Keeping in mind that for every 10-degree F rise in air temperature that the PSI is increased. To avoid blowouts with the overheating tires, be sure the pressure is correct. Have the tires rotated and checked by a professional before you travel for safety.
A/C Inspection: Where the air conditioner in your vehicle hasn’t been used overly much until recently, having it inspected beforehand can help avoid unexpected A/C breakdowns. If the A/C is not running correctly, you hear unusual sounds or odors, have it checked out.
Under the Hood: Few people inspect under the hood when it is cold out, and by the summer, there could be evolving issue. Check the following:
1) Car Battery. Look for signs of corrosion around the posts. If you notice any, apply some baking soda and use an old toothbrush to remove debris. If the corrosion has returned within a few weeks, it is an indication of a more serious problem and you may want to be proactive and have it replaced.
2) Engine Oil. Make sure the oil levels are according to the manual’s requirements. Replace the oil filers as well. A professional oil change should be done before your trip.
3) Coolant. The coolant levels should be assessed. If it has been more than five years without a change, you may want to ensure it is flushed and refilled. Be sure the coolant is also within the standards of the manual.
4) Brakes. If you notice any abnormal grabbing, vibrating, noises or longer stopping distances, you may need a brake service. Have them inspected if it has been a while since they were serviced.
5) Belts, Clamps & Hoses. Make sure the engine’s drive belts, clamps and hoses should be inspected for signs of excessive wear, if any are observed, replacements should be done before your long drive.

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Additionally, the lights, windshield wipers, and blinkers should be inspected as well. Be sure to have them repaired or replaced if there is an issue. Avoid following too close behind construction vehicles on your trip, apply defenseless driving skills, and drive when you are awake and avoid distractions. Call Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic to ensure your vehicle is road trip ready.

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