What Can Cause a Crack in a Windshield in Sunnyvale, TX? Flying Road Debris, Cold & More

You are driving along and the passenger that is with you points to your windshield and asked what happened. You look over and there is a big crack in your windshield. How did you get a crack in your windshield? There are many ways this can happen. Some are very obvious while others you didn’t even know happened. Today, Top Notch Auto Body & Mechanics will go over just a few of them.

Flying Road Debris; A Rock Hits Your Windshield While Driving

One of the most common reasons why people will get a cracked windshield is because of flying debris on the road while they are driving. This can be either a rock, pebble, or some other type of debris that gets kicked up by a car and gets launched at your windshield. When it hits your windshield it may be a small crack but it can slowly spread down your windshield and throughout the whole windshield until it hits the corners.

Falling Objects While Parked

When your car is parked you hope that it is safe and that nothing will happen to it. But many times with high winds rocks or branches can fly or fall down and land on your windshield. If you have children in sports you may get a flying baseball onto your windshield. Whatever the case, if your windshield is cracked 1/8 inch deep or 3 inches long or smaller it is repairable. If it is larger than that you may need to consider a replacement.

Extreme Heat & Cold Can Crack a Windshield

Extreme temperatures can affect your windshield. Even though your windshield is laminated glass and is strong, it can be weakened with extreme temperatures. Your windshield gets the cold from the AC and the hot air from the outside. When this happens it will start contracting and expanding. Of course, you cannot see this happening but it does affect your windshield. This will make your windshield more susceptible to cracks. It could even cause it to shatter inward in the collision.

Bad Auto Glass Repair

It is always smart to go with a professional shop that repairs auto glass. If you try to save money and go with the second-hand shop, do it yourself or find someone who is cheaper it can possibly go bad. When you go with a professional shop they will make sure that the auto glass fits your vehicle perfectly. If you go with somebody who doesn’t fully know what they are doing they can do a poor or incorrect job. You want to make sure that the windshield is put in correctly. If not, you will have uneven pressure that could cause more cracks and chips in your windshield.

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It’s always important to hire a professional to fix your windshield. A professional like Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanics knows what they are doing and will do it correctly. You do not want to wait to fix your windshield, it will only get worse. You should fix your windshield when the crack starts to happen.

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