What are the Signs Brakes Need Repair or Maintenance or Lancaster, TX? Scraping Noise & More

Due to their constant use, brakes are a part of vehicle maintenance. To ensure the brakes are operating to their full potential, they require routine services and replacement because of the lifespan of the brake parts. We at Top Notch Auto Body & Mechanic would like to share today some signs that indicate your brakes need attention sooner than later.

Scraping or High Pitch Squeal Noise During Braking

The sound is very distinct as it makes contact with the rotor because brake pads that are worn usually manifest with a high-pitched noise and being made of steel. To avoid serious damage, you need the brake pads replaced as soon as possible. The product of several issues can be due to the grinding you feel in the pedal. The metal on metal could be creating grooves in the brake rotor, if the brake pads are severely worn down, however. There is likely a lack of lube, or even something as simple as gravel or rocks caught in the caliper unit. You should schedule a brake service to make the necessary repairs in any case.

Why Does My Car Wobble or Shake when I Brake?

When you apply the brakes, an uneven rotor frequently causes the steering wheel to shake or vibrate. The brake rotors, the big discs that sit inside of the wheels. Because the brake pads hug the rotors to stop the vehicle’s motion when the brake pedal is used, the big discs that sit inside of the wheels are the brake rotors. It is important the rotors are smooth and completely even in thickness. Resulting in the wobbling, scraping, or vibrating when you feel as you brake, there are brakes mechanical issues that are the cause.

Brake Light On in Car

Indications you are due for an inspection or there is a problem that needs attention, the dashboard lights glow either red or yellow brake. Call an expert for brake services, consult your manual for specific in any case.

Leaking Brake Fluid

Since they look for leaking fluid coming from the brake system, a soft brake pedal indicates a leak a service technician can identify it. For your brakes, it will likely be leaking from the master cylinder that creates the power. When you apply the brakes to create hydraulic pressure, the master cylinder is a reservoir for the brake fluid that is pushed through thin piping. To clamp hard to the rotors, there can be a loss of power that should force the brake pads without the fluid.

Brake Pedal Feeling Mushy or Spongy

When you notice a difference in the resistance in the brake pedal as it feels spongy or soft, a major red flag your brakes need immediate attention. You experience air or moisture in the braking system, or the master cylinder is inflicted, it is likely the pedal sinking all the way to the floor mat when you press on it. As soon as possible, expert brake services are needed.

Car Pulls to One Side when You Stop

If cars pull to one side, a brake hose gone bad or a caliper problem is usually the issue. One brake caliper may be applying more or all the pressure during braking causing in unbalanced stopping.

Breaks Smell Burnt

The sharp, chemical odor after repeated hard braking on steep roads is a sign of overheated brakes or clutch. After pulling over immediately to safe place, check your parking brake to make sure it’s fully released and allow the brakes to cool. You risk heating up the brake fluid to boiling that results in brake failure otherwise.

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