Why is My Car Making a Rattling, Screeching, Clunking or Other Noise when I Turn it On in Richardson, TX?

Vehicles are prone to wear and tear over time and use. You may start to notice noise when turning as your vehicle gets older. Today, we at Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic would like to discuss why the vehicle may be making strange sounds.

Why is My Car Making a Loud Noise when Driving?

1) Screeching or Whining. The power steering pump may be defective if you notice a whining sound that seems to be coming from your engine. The whining of a faulty power steering pump tends to happen if you’re driving at a low speed, like the sounds that occur due to worn-out or broken suspension joints. Your power steering system may be causing the issue if your steering wheel makes noise when turning, comparatively. You may notice a whining or screeching noise when you turn at a normal speed in this instance.
2) Creaking. Suggesting your suspension joints may be worn out or broken are creaking sounds.
When you are driving at a low speed, these sounds are more likely to happen. Typically indicating your car’s ball joints may be faulty is a creaking sound that gets louder over time, alternatively. It can cause a creaking sound when you turn if your suspension system’s bushing is not properly maintained.
3) Crunching. When you turn at a high speed, you may hear a crunching sound. Your car’s CV joints may be defective in this instance.
4) Knocking. A worn-out sway bar link can be attributed by a knocking sound. A defective sway bar link can hamper your ability to safely drive your car, too at this point.
5) Clunking. When you turn the steering wheel indicates a tie rod may be loose or broken. A clunking sound that occurs.

Car Makes Noise when Turning

If you notice any noise when you turn, bring your car to a certified automotive mechanic. Find out why the noise is occurring after you check your suspension system and steering wheel. The best course of action to address the problem, your mechanic can determine. When you turn your steering wheel, there may be times when lubricating your suspension system can correct noise that occurs. The worn-out or defective car parts may need to be repaired or replaced. It pays to search around your car’s cabin if you hear a strange noise when you turn. When you turn, an empty water bottle or other items on your cabin floor can make noise. You can stop the noise if you remove these items from your cabin. You may be able to avoid a costly and time-intensive trip to a mechanic as well.

Is it Safe to Drive with a Rattling or Other Noise?

When you turn your car’s steering wheel won’t disappear on its own, noise occurs. This is a sign that one or more car components are worn out or defective. If you notice noise when turning, promptly bring your car to a mechanic. You can put yourself and others at risk of an accident should car component fails while you’re behind the wheel. if you notice noise when you turn your steering wheel, be proactive and let a certified auto mechanic inspect and correct the issue, and you can eliminate the noise to ensure it is safe.

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