Common Collision Repair Myths in Rowlett, TX; Can You Choose Where Your Car is Repaired, How Many Estimates & More

When you have been recently involved in an accident and your vehicle has been damaged you will probably begin the process of repairing your vehicle. When your vehicle has received body damage, you may have some misconceptions about the repair process. There are many myths about auto body repair that can make the process of fixing your vehicle a terrible experience. Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic will share the some of these common myths, and the truths you need to know to better undergo the process of repairing your vehicle.

Can You Choose Where Your Car is Repaired?

This is a common misconception that your insurance company tells you where to take your vehicle for repair. However, your insurance company can not demand or tell you where to repair your vehicle. Your insurance company may attempt to direct and even demand where you must have your vehicle repaired. This is called “Steering” and it is technically illegal. The insurance company can make suggestions and for those who do not have a preference, you can except the insurance company’s auto body shop recommendation. However you still have a choice where you have your vehicle repaired.

Should I Let the Dealership Fix My Car at a Higher Cost?

Another common myth is that you must take your vehicle to a dealership to repair your vehicle like new. This comes from a number of commercials from dealerships stating they use and can receive original parts. Where this is true, dealerships are not the only place that can obtain original parts. In fact, any auto repair shop can. Additionally, dealerships will over charge compared to other auto body repair shops. A dealership’s primary focus is selling cars. The repairs they offer is secondary which means it will cost you more.

Does Insurance Cover All Repairs?

Auto insurance companies can be very confusing. Depending on your insurance coverage policy, your insurance company may pay only a percentage of the cost to repair your vehicle. Some types of insurance coverage may pay for the entire cost while other insurance policies will cover no cost. You will want to know the details of your collision coverage to know what or if your insurance company will cover the cost of your repairs.

How Many Car Repair Estimates Should I Get?

This is another common myth about auto body repair and your insurers. You do not need three or more estimates before your insurance company will agree to help cover the cost of the collision repairs. If you do not have great collision coverage you may want to shop around for the cheaper shop. However, the way it usually works after you choose an auto repair shop to repair your vehicle is that your insurance company will come out and perform their own inspection and give their own estimate of the cost of repair. If the auto shop wants more money, you will need to pay out the difference.

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These are a few of the myths you can put to rest. If you find yourself needing auto repairs including auto body repairs, contact Top Notch Body Shop & Mechanic today.

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