What Does an Auto Tune Up Consist of in Grand Prairie, TX; Car Checklist, Procedure & More

For modern electronically controlled engines ‘tune-up’ is a bit of a misnomer. First a bit of history. Before electronic ignition systems that where pioneered by racers, we had the traditional distributor with points and condensers. The points were cam driven and opened and closed according to the lobes and the distributor was driven from the…

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OBD (On Board Diagnostic) Car Trouble Error Fault Codes Diagnostic Software in Ferris, TX

Every vehicle, domestic or foreign is compliant with OBD (On Board Diagnostic) trouble codes. The current standard is OBD-II. The modern vehicle (cars and light trucks) and even modern built semi-trucks utilize digitized electronics to control the various mechanical functions of the vehicle, most common is electronic engine controls. But everything from the ABS (Anti-Lock…

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Custom Car Color Paint Jobs for Company Vehicles in DeSoto, TX to Advertise Your Business

Business owners are often looking for optimal methods of advertisement and to get to noticed. You can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, by customizing the automotive body paint for your company vehicles. Whether you have a company logo, or color scheme associated to your brand, getting your vehicles custom painted can…

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